Welcome to Hunter Old Trucks dot com

hi - I'm Col Pike, welcome to one of my websites.


I've put this website together, free of charge, for fun  and to show how a website and facebook, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages, can work together to get the very best of both worlds.

Over on the photo galleries page there are over 3000 photos which the website automatically collects from the Hunter Valley Classic Truck and Bus facebook group, saves securely and catalogues for easy browsing.

Everybody wins. The group gets security for its rapidly-growing collection, members get an enhanced browsing experience (esp for the older posts) and I might well get some more customers and/or sponsors! If you'd like me to help you out with a website for your business / social group or if you'd like to sponsor this site with a relevant ad or two, give me shout, my email is col@spiritoftheglen.net

Happy browsing!




I develop and maintain websites, and specialise in small businesses and clubs - many of which are classic vehicle related (eg Golden Oldies TC, Western Sydney Historical TC, Old Aussie Volvos, Aussie Eds, Barrett's Coaches etc etc ). Until recently, this was one of my sites also, but the tenants went AWOL (ha - just kidding!) so, since I own the domain and had come up with the name in the first place,  I decided to put it to good use. Well, four good uses really:

1. to display a huge number of magnificent pictures of vehicles that've "been around for awhile";
2. to demonstrate how a website can work hand-in-hand with social media (in this case facebook) to get the best of both worlds;
3. to do a favour for some of my friends (you know who you are!); and
4. to showcase some of my work in the hope of getting a bit more of it!


The neat thing about facebook group photos is, they are posted by a large number of people so maintenance is really easy. New people join and start posting and there's always something interesting happens. But, there are downsides:
1. the more good stuff gets posted, the quicker it becomes impossible to find;
2. it could all disappear tomorrow, and there's no comeback or recovery;
3. Facebook itself might well disappear, or be supplanted.


That's where the website comes in:
1. it's automatic - when a gallery is viewed it updates itself;
2. it's secure (backed-up daily) and future-proof, two things facebook most certainly isn't;
3. wall photos are catalogued by year / month so browsing is very much easier;
4. the thumbnails, unlike facebook, also show the original poster's comments which enhances the browsing experience still further.


Hence website and facebook together give the best of both worlds. To demonstrate, over on the photo-galleries you'll find galleries containing over 3000 photos, all from the current facebook page of the Hunter Valley Classic Truck And Bus Group to whom I am most grateful for allowing me access to their facebook group (in return for which they get a free website!)


I'm providing thiis page free of charge and who knows, maybe somebody would like me do to a website for them?  Unlike many developers who charge a king's ransom and them leave you with a "thing" you don't know what to do with, I take on the entire process for you as well as provide ongoing maintenance, support and updates, so it is always current, all for a small annual fee. If you've been putting off getting a website because it all seems too hard, give me a shout.

Or maybe some other people would like to help defray my costs and sponsor this site with a relevant ad or two?

thanks for getting to the bottom of the page, enjoy the site and stay safe
Col Pike